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tv   Today  NBC  October 10, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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ious. it's wines day wednesday. it's october 9th. bitter cold out there early this morning. >> it's chilly. >> it's getting there. but we're not. we're good, we're hot. it has nothing to do with flashes. >> no, it does not. we're so excited because there's been a new discovery. >> thank the lord. >> we've been waiting for this for a long, long time. it's finally arrived. >> kenny rogers is here. >> that, too.
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>> that's one thing. >> kenny rogers, by the way, has this song. the title is "you can't make old friends." he sings it with dolly parton. it is beautiful. it is -- >> every time they are together it's magic. i'm so excited to see him again. known him since he was in the lounge at the hilton. >> did you really? >> yeah, when elvis was in the big -- we go so far back. 1888 was when we first met. all right. here is the big reveal, everybody. sprite cures hangovers. not that hoda and i ever have one. >> we don't. >> for all of you who do, we are excited for you. chinese researchers, don't they have more to do? they studied 57 beverages from teas to coffees and discovered sprite is the best cure. >> i wonder what is in it. it is scientific. >> we don't want to go there. >> there are words we can't pronounce. but, anyway, get sprite. they said it helps your body process alcohol, which led us to wonder why on earth don't you just use sprite as your mixer and then you already don't have
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the hangover as you're consuming the drink. >> i am so proud of hodie, because she thought it through. >> through! >> here's the other product. new favorite thing, and it's not even monday. sprite zero. it's fabulous. did you taste it yet? >> i love sprite zero and i also love coke zero. it doesn't taste like the diet drink, the diet sprite. >> no. it's delicious. and then there's colby red. you know how we feel about this. we have some sad, sad news. i've known this for a long, long time but it's now official. bruce jenner and kris jenner, kris kardashian jenner have officially separated. it's sad for me. so you -- >> here is the thing. there's been talk on their show. on their show they had sort of separate homes. >> yeah, but it made it appear that it was so bruce could have his own space. >> right. anyway, the couple did issue a statement and they say we are living separately and we are much happier this way.
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but we will always have much love and respect for each other. even though we're separated we will always remain best friends and, as always, our family will remain our number one priority. and kris does say they've been living apart for a year. and you knew. this wasn't something for you -- for a lot of people -- >> i don't know if it was a year. every time i had been out there and seen her, i saw him as well. or else i was with her and the phone rang and it was bruce calling in, something to do with the daughters and things like that. when i went out to do her talk show this past summer, that's when we finally had a chance to really talk about it. you know what? who says i can't keep secrets? but anyway, yeah, they do not have a prenup and neither has met with a lawyer yet. i don't think it's at that point. maybe it is. there's going to be a lot of money to divide up if they end up doing that. i'm hoping for the family's sake that they're going to be reconciled. they really are -- they have -- they really do love one another. and they have a lot of fun still together. i think they just have been under such unbelievable pressure.
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and i'm not making excuses for them by any means. but just so many things going on. so many projects. last time i was at kris' house, if you walked through her house, in every different room of the house, somebody was meeting with somebody about a new deal, you know. if it's always about the deals -- and she does want to strike while the iron is hot. if it's always about a deal going on and you can't find your husband in your house or your wife in your house, or your kids, because there's so much going on, it's just gotten out of control. >> you do watch -- a lot of the reality shows, it's funny. when you shine such a spotlight on someone's life and your life now becomes -- now we're in season eight. now we're in season nine. if that's how you're viewing your life, cameras and you're living your life out loud, you wonder what part of your life is just yours to live. is the crew coming? are we going to dinner? is the crew coming? are we going here? you wonder. they have been married 22 years. this is bruce's third marriage and kris' second. >> they've had their ups and downs like all married couples do.
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so we can all relate to that. but, honestly, our friend neil sedaka has an amazing song. it's my favorite song he ever wrote. ♪ i miss the hungry years it was how we didn't realize how awesome what we had was because we needed each other. we didn't have stuff but we had each other. it's a tough, tough message and a tough thing to -- and the best thing they have is not stuff. the best thing they have are those two girls together. my godchildren, kendall and kiley. i'm hoping, of course, that they won't -- yeah. i'm just worried about them. >> the show isn its eighth season. last week's episode had 1.8 million viewers, the lowest in the history of the show and only three other episodes have rated that low. again, nbc has reached out to the couple for comment. you saw what the couple said. what's interesting what you just said, i remember magic johnson being interviewed once.
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he had had all these accolades and this great life and they said to him, when were you your happiest? he said i'll tell you when. he said, i was in my dorm room, sitting, ordering a pizza, counting out the coins to make sure we had enough for a coke and we lit candles, him and cookie, his current wife, his girlfriend then. and he was remembering that moment. and i thought as everything you have, the mansions, the businesses, your happiest was when you had little, but you had each other. >> that's -- and we get so lost in this crazy world thinking if we just get the new car, we'll be happy. if we just get to move to the new neighborhood, we'll be happy if you're not happy right where you are right now, chances are you never will be. that's the joy and secret of being with hodie right now. you know what? >> a little vodka in it. >> that's one of the things i thank god for every single day in my life.
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when i do my devotions in the morning, i thank the lord for you and all these amazing people that i get to come and spend time with. you have to love what you do or you're going to take it out on people you love. oh, write that down! >> someone write that down! >> that was genius. >> we're going to forget it. >> you know the other genius thing i came out with? wouldn't it be a great pickup line for a guy -- >> or a girl. >> yes. yes. we used it today on rope and he loved it. no, on jimmy. let's do it hodie. you come up to somebody and you go, do you need a doctor? >> do you need a doctor? >> and they go, no, why? then you say, cause your body is sick. >> now mary, our makeup artist, tried it on her husband, who is 65, and it didn't go over well. she said, do you need a doctor? he said no, why? >> he said tell kathie not to use that line on anyone over 65. from a school in new york, we have some news. >> yes, we do. >> they've chosen to ban certain things. they've decided to ban
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from the playground footballs, baseballs, tag and cart wheels. it's weber middle school in ft. washington, new york. they say anything that might hurt someone on the ground. >> so you can still smile and you can still wave and be -- and laugh? >> well, they also let you use nerf balls. they're saying that kids are getting -- >> fun for them. >> the ban is a result because the superintendent says there was a rash of recent playground injuries and some of those injuries can be very serious. >> yes, they can. and you want your kids to have fun but you also want them to be kids! that's part of -- i think they're afraid of lawsuits. we have such a litigious nation. your kid gets a black eye, we used to say look at my black eye. it hurts. put an ice pack on it. no, now it's see you in court. >> i remember dodgeball being not great. >> you're hard to miss, you know. >> what do you mean? >> you were a target. you were tall already.
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>> when he when they go for you and you're the one that's targeted, it's not great. dodgeball is one thing. >> that's the crux of the matter. what we're seeing more and more and more is not so much balls that are hurting people. bullies that are hurting people. how about if we really start dealing with the bullies in these schools and having some tough love with them and their balls, if you know what i'm saying. let's deal with that. >> here is something. we just got this. the district did release the statement explaining it. the school is undergoing a construction project and that means there's only a limited space for the kids during recess. >> you know what i'm doing? backpedaling. >> they also said in that kind of proximity, in that small space you're more apt to get hurt. use your nerf balls and stop whining. my god! what's the problem? >> all right. would you wines day? would you bury your stomach after 40? i was just in the ladies' room right before this show checking
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on my spanx situation, and i noticed from my waist up to under where my bra was, looking good. you could see my ribs, every bit. below that, not for all the tea in china. >> well, nicole kidman hit the red carpet in china and she was wearing -- >> how about that? see, that i could do. >> black prada dress. critics say the dress is out of character. she's usually much more conservative than this. she's 46 years old. it was her midriff. >> she looks fantastic. i think anybody that says that is inappropriate is somebody that wouldn't look good in that outfit and is probably quite jealous of her. >> i do think exposing your -- look at jackie chan, by the way. >> where are the critics about what he's wearing? >> yes. you know what? very good point. >> thank you. and what about his hair? >> yes. >> thank you. >> i have to give a shoutout to a friend of yours, and now a friend of mine, too. goldie hahn, you guys, was at
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education nation. we do this big thing with nbc. why is goldie hahn at education nation? >> she had a really good reason. >> she has this program she's implemented called mind up. she's implemented it at schools across the country. she is so driven when it comes to this stuff. she is so interested in everything about education. she's so smart. that's on the red carpet. >> there's nobody more fun to be around. she is so fun. >> we had a whole panel of other people there. >> who shall remain nameless because hoda doesn't remember. >> i remember most of them. pam, marie, david. >> they know who they are. >> it was a great panel and goldie hahn was a breath of fresh air. >> what did i say to you about goldie? >> yeah. you said she's one of these people who is inside-out beautiful. >> she's great, great fun. i have one scene in the first wives club movie, one scene. it's at the very end. it was freezing -- did i say it wrong?
2:17 am
first wives club. >> panicking, but go on. go on. >> so what. we're hot today. so, anyway -- yeah. it was frigid freezing and there were little kids and goldie was unbelievable. she went up to all of them and brought them stuff to drink and -- >> taking care of them. >> putting warmer things in -- that tells you everything about somebody. don't filter that. >> that's a sign. >> i don't like it when you do that. >> this is a breast cancer awareness product by ann taylor, you guys. >> brilliant bow collection. >> 70% of the profits will go to the breast cancer research foundation, a great foundation. they're $79.50 at usually people give a small percentage, 10%, 15%. these guys are giving 70%. >> it's really pretty. my favorite people in the world, decorated our lives for more than six decades. country music legend. >> kenny rogers will tell us about getting back together with an old friend who is a real doll, if you know what i'm saying. right after this.
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plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. ♪ you got to know when to hold 'em know when to fold 'em know when to walk away and know when to run ♪ ♪ you never count your money when you're sittin' at the table there will be time enough for countin' when the dealin's done ♪ >> that is the gambler himself, who knows how to hold 'em. >> sings in tune still and everything. >> three-time grammy winner. >> do you talk at the same time? >> over each other usually. three-time grammy winner, country music legend kenny rogers.
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>> soon to be in the country music hall of fame. >> i'll remember you two. just so you know. when i get in there, i'm going to say, yeah, i know kathie and hoda personally. >> and for a long, long, long, long time. he has been churning out the hits forever. first country album in seven years. what the heck have you and wanda been doing down there? >> having kids. >> i know you have 9-year-old twins, right? >> justin and jordan. >> the other day we did a show. i told them to watch the show. after it was over, he said, dad, you didn't tell people our names. i said i have twins 9 years old. i said, no, i have twins, 9 years old. so, justin and jordan. >> you can't make old friends, puts you in a great mood. >> it's a great story, too. i did a show in california, stagecoach. this guy comes walking back. he is about 30.
2:22 am
he says, hey, kenny, i'm ryan king, william king of the commodores son. he said, i was sitting talking to some friends of mine the other day and we started talking about you and i realized that some of my favorite childhood memories is when i would come to your place and visit in athens. >> in georgia. >> and i told my friends i just realized you can't make old friends and i thought, wow, what a great song that is. >> that's a song title, baby. >> we actually have a little bit of a video with you and dolly. let's watch for a second. ♪ ♪ and you come walkin' in i'll be there just waiting for you cause you can't make old friends ♪ ♪ you can't make old friends ♪ no >> was there ever anything between you two back in the day? >> wanda is standing right there. >> it would have been before her time.
2:23 am
actually, everybody thought we were having an affair, because we traveled -- we didn't travel together but we were on tour together for two years. and we didn't. we just flirted with each other for 30 years. >> it's more fun. >> oh, it is. keeps the tension there. >> sexual tension, like hoda and i have. it's important. it's really important. >> should i change seats? >> one of the writers of this song is the guy that wrote "the gambler," too, right? >> yes. >> such a great writer. >> he wrote that song the greatest, the about the kid that plays baseball. he wrote that as well. he's a phenomenal writer. >> when i met kenny, honestly, i was at the landmark hotel in vegas. >> in vegas. >> before they blew it up because -- you know. you were there with first edition at the hilton lounge. and the only thing that got me through this vegas situation was that every single night, i went over and listened to you. and then b.b. king would come in for the two weeks. remember you guys -- >> oh, sure. >> i've always been crazy about kenny, never dreamed we would become friend.
2:24 am
>> are you and dolly going to go on the road and sing this song? >> we talked about it, but she can't work like i do. i work 15 days in a row. she said i just can't do that. we're trying to work something out. the record is going to do really well it looks like. >> of course. >> interesting, this is -- i'm the only person in the history of music to have a charted record in six decades. >> i thought cher did. >> you and cher. >> i don't want to break your heart. >> she better not. i never liked her. now i have to stick around until i'm -- >> you have to make it seven and show that cher. show that cher. >> people need to see wanda. >> please come here. >> she is so beautiful. and there's two of her. wanda is a twin. >> i thought it was shania twain. >> how long have you been married ? >> 21 years. >> no, we've been together 21 years, married 16. >> is it fun being married to this guy? >> yes. >> she knows all the right answers. >> she does.
2:25 am
i would like to suggest that you and dolly do a musical special together so that we can see the two of you for an hour on television. how is that? >> okay, fine. >> all right, good. >> that's how simple it is. >> there it is. the girl and their grannies turned their online dating into an internet sensation. >> great dating advice for you. if you love this, you'll love that more. coming up. ♪ you look better every day with one-a-day vitacraves for women! it's a great-tasting gummy multivitamin designed for women with more calcium and vitamin d. it's gummies for grown-ups. get $2 off at prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up.
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♪ you look better every day ♪ wipe my tears away as long as it's okay i'll stay with you through the years ♪ >> we couldn't let kenny go. going to go play who knew in a minute.
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we are back with more of "today" on this wines day wednesday. we are ready to play our trivia game, who knew? in honor of hispanic month, we're about to test your knowledge on pop culture and trivia. kathie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store. she's ready to hand out $100 to those who get the questions right. to those who don't, they get kathie lee's cd. lucky them. here to help me out in the studio is patricia renoso, editor of glam la lisa latina.
2:32 am
very excited in the studio. are you ready? >> very nice to meet you. >> i'm in love with that little boy, visiting from brazil. he is adorable. you're from louisiana, right? okay. according to the forbes celebrity 100 list for 2013, which latina is the top earning actress on television, eva mendes, eva longoria, sofia vergara or zoe saldana >> zoe. >> no. no, no, no. it's scandalous. scandalous. >> that's a good one. that's actually a good one. >> the correct answer is c, sofia vergara. >> she is a real force in the industry. you know, many of us know her as gloria on "modern family." love that show. she has been on television for many years and has her hands in a lot of business. >> how much? >> she has earned just this year alone $30 million. >> oh, my god. back across to kath. >> kelly ripa makes that in a week. just kidding. all right, sweetie, you're from pittsburgh, right? what 1970s tv series featured a hispanic actor in the title
2:33 am
superhero/heroine role? batman, wonder woman, cat woman? >> wonder woman? >> that was a guess, right? >> she guessed right. >> that's amazing. wonder woman was half mexican, partly mexican. she was also irish, a little bit of spanish and her real name, full name is linda dean cordova carter. >> linda carter. i didn't know that. >> yeah. >> we learned something, kath. back over to you. >> this gentleman was married to the other pittsburgh person. which actress of puerto rican descent received a star on the hollywood walk of fame this summer, jennifer lopez, rosario dawson, rita moreno? >> jennifer lopez. >> you knew that one, didn't you? >> of course he did. >> maybe it's because we're in new york. jenny from the block is the most famous puerto rican to come out of the bronx and make it big in
2:34 am
hollywood. she was also the first latina to earn $1 million for her role in selena. >> she was? >> yes. >> okay, good. back across to kath. >> from phoenix, which of the following hispanic musicians has not been inducted into the rock & roll hall of fame, jerry garcia, herman santiago, carlos santana or enrique iglesias? >> enrique iglesias. >> smart crowd over there. >> the hall of fame has inducted a ton of hispanic heavy hitters. carlos santana may be the most popular with his song "smooth as rock." >> love that song. back across to kath. >> remember we met this lovely lady earlier outside on our plaza. according to the u.s. census, how many people identifying themselves as hispanic live in the united states, 17 million, 24, 53 or 102 million? >> 24 million. >> more than that. you're going to love -- see my way home is one of my favorites. >> the correct answer there are
2:35 am
53 million. wow! >> we are a huge force in this country. the latest census shows that. we are only growing and getting bigger and bigger. >> of course you are. i think we have time for one more. kath? >> oh, from phoenix. finish the lyrics to this 2010 shakira hit song. "and i'm crazy but you like it." ♪ and i'm crazy but you like it ♪ >> yeah you like it. >> no. >> no. >> i like you. >> this is theong. crank it up just a little. ♪ >> that was a huge hit for shakira. another great powerhouse. such a crossover appeal with her. our readers love her. >> great. thank you for coming to see us. you're a lot of fun. >> thank you. >> kath will come back from across the street. we'll find out how one granny and her granddaughter have bonded over the dating scene.
2:36 am
two crazy gals. loca after this.
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all right. imagine this. why your boyfriend breaks up with you after four years together. you're devastated. thrown back into the dating scene. chances are you would call your best friend. >> not kayli stollak. she called her grandmother. granny gail is what we call her.
2:41 am
granny, we're over here. >> it's called "granny is my wingman." best title. >> that's from her. >> she thought of that? >> if i did i don't remember. >> that's everybody's excuse these days for everything. why not wingwoman? >> because wingman is the accepted -- >> she's my buddy, my pal. wingwoman sounds too cute. it's cute but more rough and real. >> maybe want to change it to winggirl. >> a lot of people do go to their girlfriends or mom or something. what made you choose your grandmother instead? >> granny's got one setting, which is real. friends will sugar coat things make it sound nice, but grannys are like, this is how it is. listen, i've been there. >> what was the advice you gave to her? >> when the guy broke up with her after the four years? >> pick yourself up, go out there again. >> really? >> really. >> sometimes that's easier said. >> yes, it is. >> but that's the game. >> that's what you have to do, eventually. >> always, you know.
2:42 am
>> she's a young girl. she has to go out and have some fun. >> and i do. >> do you fight over advice? >> i fight her on everything. >> but she's always right. >> yeah, annoyingly, yeah. >> she is. >> her best piece of advice is what you know is that you don't know. and that's the only thing you can count on. and that's the truth, you know. >> of course. >> if you really know -- >> did you not like this guy the whole four years she was going with him? >> no, i did like him. that was truly a love affair. >> he's a good guy. he got married. >> he did? that's even worse than the breakup, i think. >> were you happy for him? >> i'm very happy for him. >> it makes it feel very final. that's it. >> so you didn't go to your mom. that's interesting. >> what does your mom think about -- >> she's the monkey in the middle, you know. i still have a little bit of that teenage daughter in me. like, mom, i've got my secrets but it gets to skip a generation with granny. >> when your daughter was growing up, her mom, what was she like?
2:43 am
did she come to you for any advice? >> my daughter? >> yeah. >> oh, no. are you kidding? >> skip a -- >> my mother was not alive and she didn't have that opportunity, unfortunately. but, no, she never came to me for advice. >> would she have, though? was your mom like you? >> was -- >> your mother like you? >> like me? >> yeah. was she a strong, smart woman? >> she was. she was much more intellectual than i am. >> you want your granddaughter to go out and have fun. you're not telling her meet the right guy, settle down? >> definitely not. >> how come? >> because i think it will happen when it happens and why put pressure on it? she's only 26 years old. >> you can't make it happen. >> and the more experiences, the more knowledge -- >> who is the right kind of guy for your granddaughter? >> good question. >> kayli is a very strong-minded, strong woman. very strong willed. >> would george clooney be good
2:44 am
or is he a little too old? >> he's gorgeous. >> forget about her. >> get in line. >> why did you decide to put this in book form? it will be one of those things a lot of people smile when they see the title. >> it started out as a blog. and then there was so much backstory about her affair, my relationship and none of that was in the blog. so we kind of wanted to tell the story around it. >> what about the affair? >> what about it? >> oh, sad, we're out of time. >> you'll have to read the book. >> yes, you will. it's a great book. lot of fun. >> send us a copy of the book. >> we've got one. >> great to see you. >> thanks for having us. >> lot of fun. we told you how to land a date. >> we did? >> all right. later some advice on landing a great new column. and actress and actress alfre woodard in her role that is tinseltown buzz. >> alfre woodard after this.
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it's already the talk of hollywood, generating huge, huge oscar buzz. it's not even out yet. we're talking about the new film "12 years of slaves." >> oscar and emmy nominated alfre woodard, offering words of wisdom to other slaves.
2:49 am
take a look. >> in his own time, manage them all. pharaohs are a poor example for a plantation class. this is nice. >> wow! >> i love watching you work. you're one of the most beautiful faces anyway, but when you are acting, i am -- i don't see anybody else on the screen. >> uh-huh. >> you have one of the most expressive faces i've ever seen. you're darn good, girl. >> yes, you are. >> you pick movies always that are winners. and this one was in a bunch of film festivals, already getting this buzz. what was it about this film that made you excited about its script? >> i was told steve mcqueen wanted me to be in his film.
2:50 am
i said okay, i'm in it. they said, no, we have to send you the script. i said, no, i'm in it. >> why? >> tell us why you would say i've got to be in a steve mcqueen film. >> because he is this glorious, black british filmmaker. he is only about 40 and he lives in the netherlands. he is amazing. i think he is one of those film makers -- they're very rare, but he is a master. masterful filmmaker. we'll be talking about his films 50 years from now. so i had seen "hunger" that he did before and i had seen "shame." >> that got a lot of -- >> brilliant. you would go to kabul and pull cable with his steve mcqueen. then i got the script and -- >> the concept is there was a man who was freed back in the 1800s and gets kidnapped and taken into slavery.
2:51 am
was that -- i guess a unique circumstance based on a true story? >> solomon northrup was this man. actually, i met some of his t descendents last night. it was a common occurrence. at that certain time when slaves weren't being imported, any black body in the country was fair game. so people got sold into slavery all the time. rarely would they get back into their lives. it would be as if one of us would get snatched -- there are more slaves worldwide than there were in the slave era here. >> think of yourself getting snatched on your way home out of slavery, away from your family, everything. so that's what's amazing about this story, is that we take that journey with him. we can't really look at distance. when solomon did get back from
2:52 am
his hard-won freedom, within four months he published this book, "12 years of slaves." it is a firsthand slave account. >> i can't wait to see this. >> it is amazing. >> it will be in theaters. now, right here and now. >> thank you so much to be with us. >> happy to be here. >> from the essays to the s.a.t.s to your facebook account, whatnot to do if you're applying to college. >> how to get noticed. look at that face. lovely. lovely face.
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it is time for education nation today. if you have a child heading to college, take notes on this one. we're talking about mastering the college application. >> the essays, extracurricular activities, even social media accounts are all crucial and here to guide you through the dos and do nots is admission expert kathryn owen. great to see you. >> good morning. >> let's start with that essay. there's a lot of pressure on those college essays. you want to put your personality in. is there a risk of going overboard and being too out there? >> this is your opportunity to let your personality shine. you don't want to put an admissions officer to sleep.
2:57 am
they're reading a lot of applications. choose a single topic that defines who you are today. be the star of your essay, not the supporting cast. make it about you. >> we have a lot of people who have questions. we do have one, i think, from lauren. she is from chandler, arizona. she's a high school junior. what's your question? >> hi, lauren. >> just tell us what she asked. that would be great. >> sorry, lauren, we can't hear you. >> but you are adorable. >> you look so good. her hair looks flat ironed. i love it. we'll try to come back. but the average student applies to how many colleges and how many should kids apply to? >> the average student is applying to three plus colleges, but we advise students to apply to at least ten colleges. >> that's so much work and money. >> it is. it is. but, you know, there are a lot of students, 3 million high school graduates next year, millions of applications will be
2:58 am
flying around and you want to make sure you put together a balanced list of great colleges. >> can you have the same essay for every school so at least you don't kill yourself, or do you cater it for each school? >> the personal statement, which you can find on the common application accepted by about 500 colleges can be the same. but a lot of schools ask extra essay questions. they want to know, why do you want to come to this college? make sure you do your research. look up the courses and professors and things like that. >> a lot of those kids want to take the psats, how important are those? do you have to do it from a book, online or what? >> it's important to practice for your s.a.t. or a.c.t. >> right. >> you have to figure out which is the best test for you. these are marathon tests, not sprints. practice, practice, practice. i advise students to take each practice tests timed before you go in for the real thing. >> you can take it again usually too.
2:59 am
>> we might have another skype, but we're not sure. mary from new york. what's your question? >> everybody is gorgeous today. >> my question for you is applying early decision. does applying early decision affect miability to earn either financial aid or a merit scholarship? >> she's smart. you're definitely going to get in. >> well, mary, you should be able to get about the same financial aid or merit aid package whether you apply in the early round or the regular round. but i advise applying in the regular round because you'll be able to compare multiple offers of admission and multiple financial aid packages to see which is best for you. and some schools will offer fewer merit aid scholarships in the early round. >> okay. >> that was good. >> i'm so sorry we didn't get to our first young lady with her question. >> but her hair looked good. >> it did. >> thank you so much for being with us. really appreciate it. tomorrow, what's up? >> paris hilton is coming. >> oh, my gosh. >> can you believe it? >> she's going to show us how to have a good time? >> no, we're going to show her. >> and everyone has a story
3:00 am
winner. >> have an aweso >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. [ applause ]


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